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OpenMediaVault Beta. Browse shared folders (video)

Volker Theile announced a small update to the 0.3 beta of OpenMediaVault. He has also released a video showing how to browse shared folders: YouTube Direkt    

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OpenMediaVault 0.3 – New features (videos)

Volker Teile has uploaded two news videos to show us( or is it to tease?), what new features we can expect from the upcoming OpenMediaVault 0.3. You will see improved Power Management Cron jobs Access right management Rsync Certificates Shared

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FreeNAS installation – setting up Unison (video)

Pox and Ragble explain how to use Unison to sync a Mac computer to a FreeNAS box. Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored

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ReadyNas Vault – NAS-Linked online Disaster Recovery

ReadyNAS Vault software connects ReadyNAS systems to an enterprise-class Web-based storage infrastructure. You determine what you want protected and ReadyNAS Vault automatically and securely copies it offsite. ReadyNAS Vault software is tightly integrated into ReadyNAS storage systems, so you can

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Thanks for visiting where we focus (now) on building, installing and configuring your own NAS and media streaming devices. Most it open source related, but we have a soft spot for FreeBSD based systems.

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