OpenMediaVault Forums online now

Just a heads up: The OpenMediaVault forum is online now. Registered Sourceforge users can post to it.

Feel free to post any questions or start a discussion…

Happy posting.

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OpenMediaVault Blog now available (and screenshots)

Work is progressing nicely on OpenMediaVault. The OVM blog is up-and-running now where you can follow progress.

As you can see progress has been made on the bittorrent and iTunes/DAAP section over the last few days.

We have some screenshots:

For more screenshots, head here

The whole admin looks quite attractive,  and menu on the left is nice and colorful.

So far the menu consists of:


  • Cron jobs
  • Time
  • Notification
  • Power management
  • General settings
  • Network

Disk Management

  • Volume
  • S.M.A.R.T

Access right Management

  • User management
  • Shared Folder


  • NFS
  • BitTorrent
  • AFD
  • FTP
  • SSH


  • System Logs
  • Processes


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Distribution Release: VortexBox 1.0

Andrew Gillis has announced the release of VortexBox 1.0, a Fedora-based server distribution that turns an unused computer into a music server or jukebox:

“VortexBox 1.0 released. After several months of hard work we have released VortexBox 1.0. It has many of the features requested by the community including: FLAC to Apple Lossless (m4a) mirroring through the web GUI; MusicBrainz and CDDB used for ID3 tags; tool tips for each section in the GUI; Logitech SqueezeCenter 7.4.1 pre-installed and configured; software upgrade through the web GUI. VortexBox 1.0 also has a lot of bug fixes including better handling of existing cover art. You can update to this version from the command line.”

Read the release announcement and visit the project’s home page to learn more about this distribution.

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OpenMediaVault project page on

So far the website is still a default joomla installation page. I’m sure the OpenMediaVault site will be filled with more useful content, when Volker Theile has made it clear for himself what OpenMediaVault is going to be, the roadmap, features for the initial alpha/beta release, etc

In the meantime, have a look at the OpenMediaVault SourceForge page, which was created on 03 December 2009.

Debian based NAS server

OpenMediaVault is a easy to administrate NAS based on Debian. Its primary target is the be open for adding additional services easily. The core system comes with a subset of services like CIFS/SMB, FTP, SSH, UPnP server,

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IBM: Manage Data Like Cash

IBM today released a report tracking the effective use of business analytics at successful businesses. The report, “Breaking away with business analytics and optimization,” said that all businesses can differentiate their performance by analyzing data better and by delivering insight to decision makers at all levels of an organization.

Those with a successful strategy “achieve both top and bottom line impact — especially important in the current economy,” the report said.

“Business school graduates understand how to manage cash but don’t understand how to manage information,” added Ambuj Goyal, general manager for business analytics and process optimization at IBM (NYSE: IBM) in response to a question from


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