FreeNAS 0.8 Roadmap

27 Feb
Olivier Cochard-Labbé has added a roadmap page to the FreeNAS website: FreeNAS 0.8 roadmap. We can already see a positive impact from iXsystem‘s takeover of the  FreeNAS project: “Refactor the build system” and the “one click binary installs”. Two features that ... Read more »

Released: FreeNAS 0.7.1

23 Feb
The FreeNAS developers have released a small update/bugfix vresion, version 0.7.1: Majors changes: Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.41.9. Upgrade istgt to version 20100125. Upgrade msmtp to 1.4.19. Upgrade transmission to 1.76. Upgrade PHP to 5.2.12 (Thanks to Xin LI). Upgrade fuppes ... Read more »