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unRAID vs FlexRAID vs SnapRAID

There is an interesting thread over on the AVS forums discussing the pros and cons of unRAID, FlexRAID and SnapRAID. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and the following post bullet points them nicely. Realtime protection: unRAID and FlexRAID

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There’s been a bit of confusion recently about FlexRAID and NZFS. Brahim, the main developer, is aware and tried to explain the differences: FlexRAID is a concept and not a product in itself. The core essence of that concept is flexibility

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A first look at NZFS and replacing unRAID with NZFS’s Transparent RAID (tRAID)

Brahim has added a blog post explaining  NZFS (Next-Generation Zion File System) and going into the the typical data storage problem: Optimal Capacity vs Optimal Performance vs Optimal Protection NZFS can deal with the above limitations and “NZFS is implemented as

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Announcing FlexRAID NZFS (Not ZFS)

Brahim, the lead developer of FlexRAID, has annouced NZFS, Not ZFS. The current FlexRAID implementation of storage pooling has several key advantages over other storage spooling solutions, but things are getting even better with NZFS. NZFS will be powered by

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Exploring RAID in OpenSUSE

Exploring RAID in OpenSUSE in 3 posts Part 1, 2 and 3 Part 1 Exploring RAID in OpenSUSE 11.1 Define RAID Level Part 2 Mounting the RAID Device What Happens to RAID After Reboot? Part 3 Querying RAID Monitoring RAID

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