zxfer – a handy ZFS tool

3 Feb
zxfer, available under the BSD license,  is a really handy and much promising ZFS tool. It transfer ZFS filesystems, snapshots, properties, files and directories, which can be done with a single command, while having similar end-to-end assurance of data integrity as ... Read more »

SUN OpenStorage presentation

13 Mar
“At work (client site) SUN made a presentation about their OpenStorage products (Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems) today. From a technology point of view, the software side is nothing new to me. Using SSDs for zfs as a read-/write-cache is something we ... Read more »

ZFS data integrity tested

27 Feb
Robin Harris over at the ZDnet.com Storage Bits blog analyses a new UW-M paper analyzing the fault tolerance claims of ZFS: “File systems guard all the data in your computer, but most are based on 20-30 year old architectures that ... Read more »