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SUN OpenStorage presentation

“At work (client site) SUN made a presentation about their OpenStorage products (Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems) today. From a technology point of view, the software side is nothing new to me. Using SSDs for zfs as a read-/write-cache is something we

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A guide to network attached Storage Devices for Backup

The New York Times has put together a guide helping you find the best NAS storage servers for your need: “… [a] NAS provides a central hard drive on which you can store, share and back up all files from

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ZFS data integrity tested

Robin Harris over at the Storage Bits blog analyses a new UW-M paper analyzing the fault tolerance claims of ZFS: “File systems guard all the data in your computer, but most are based on 20-30 year old architectures that

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iXsystems iX-N4236 Orion II Server Series

The Orion II Storage Server & JBOD Storage Expansion Deliver Unparalleled Storage Density With Redundant Cooling and Powerful Intel® Technologies iXsystems have released the iX-N4236 Orion II Storage Server which is designed to handle storage-intensive tasks while remaining at an

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How to avoid paying the high price of Cheap Storage

Unbelievably inexpensive networked storage options have emerged, but it’s a case of ‘False Economics 101.’ PCMag has  a post advising how to avoid the pitfalls of cheap storage: The proliferation of huge, cache-laden SATA disks in the consumer market has

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