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iSCSI to the Rescue

Most RAID-class NASes have supported iSCSI for some time and iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) has been around for awhile and was developed as a SAN (Storage Area Network) protocol. You can think of iSCSI as a way to provide computers with the

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SAN-RAID devices offer storage options for IP video systems

Designed for use in Storage Area Network, iSCSI SAN-RAID models do not need to be connected to and in close proximity to DVR or NVR. Instead, units exist as part of network and can store video from one or multiple

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Using iSCSI On Ubuntu 9.04 (Initiator And Target)

Howtoforge has a useful tutorial showing how to set up an iSCSI target and initiator on Ubuntu 9.04: This guide explains how you can set up an iSCSI target and an iSCSI initiator (client), both running Ubuntu 9.04. The iSCSI

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