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FreeNAS Bash script for ZFS scrubbing

Gimpe has put together a bash script to automatically run a script at predifined intervals to do a scrub on each ZFS pool. Please note, this will only run on FreeNAS 0.7 (not on the 0.6x series as it doesn’t

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Boot on BTRFS With Debian has uploaded a tutorial to boot a BTRFS filesystem on Debian This tutorial will explain you how to boot from a BTRFS filesystem with kernel 2.6.31-RC4 and BTRFS 0.19. BTRFS is a new filesystem with some really interesting features

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btrfs: a brief comparison with ZFS has an overview of the history of the btrfs filesystem (wikipedia link). He also touches on the  difference and similarities between btrf and ZFS, Sun’s Zetabyte File System, something that I was most intersted in: “People often ask about

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SUN ZFS Triple-Parity RAID-Z

The standard in the RAID industry for storage is RAID-6, with recovery from a double drive failure. But it’s not going to be good enough as disk capacities increase, prolonging failed disk rebuild times and so lengthening the window of unrecoverable

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The Btrfs file system (ZFS vs btrfs)

H-online has an interesting post explaining Btrfs, the designated “next generation file system” for Linux: Btrfs, the designated “next generation file system” for Linux, offers a range of features that are not available in other Linux file systems – and

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