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KQ ZFS no longer actively being worked on – ZFS on Linux

The ZFS file system┬ádidn’t get ported to Linux for a long time as its source-code is distributed under the CDDL license, which is incompatible with the GNU GPL, therefore making it impossible to integrate it into the mainline Linux kernel.

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High-availability storage with GlusterFS on Ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to set up a high-availability storage with two storage servers (Ubuntu 9.10) that use GlusterFS. Each storage server will be a mirror of the other storage server, and files will be replicated automatically across both storage

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Google to switch to EXT4

Google is apparently in the process of migrating their current EXT2 file-systems over to the more current EXT4 file-system (Ubuntu 9.10 uses it by default) Phoronix reports This was brought up in a JFS benchmarking discussion. Google’s Michael Rubin shared

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Gluster enhances open-source clustered NAS

Gluster adds data storage management, virtual server support to open-source clustered NAS Gluster is joining a recent wave of emerging vendors adding enterprise storage management features to clustered network-attached storage (NAS) systems based on commodity hardware with this week’s release

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New FreeBSD Foundation Project: HAST

The FreeBSD Foundation has announced that is funding a new funded project: HAST “Pawel Jakub Dawidek has been awarded a grant to implement storage replication software that will enable users to use the FreeBSD operating system for highly available configurations

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