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SAS disk arrays offer new 600 GB disks

Winchester Systems Inc., a leading data storage solutions provider, today announced that their FlashDisk SX-2300 and SX-3400 SAS/SATA disk arrays now support the new larger capacity 600 GB, 10k rpm, disk drives thus expanding enterprise capacity. For typical enterprise applications

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StarWind iSCSI Server now free

StarWind Software now offers their leading iSCSI SAN software – a fully functional basic version – at no cost. This new Free version permits an unlimited number of connections and a very large capacity of 2TB. StarWind ISCSI Target Free

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Sun’s data storage ‘Startup’

It’s just a tiny part of a $13 billion company, but Sun Microsystems’ (NASDAQ: JAVA) Open Storage program exemplifies everything the company had hoped to achieve in its turnaround efforts. Built on intelligent storage controllers, industry standard hardware and open

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How to setup OpenSolaris Open Storage Server

This is a great way to build UNIX based NAS server with all goodness of ZFS. Sun recently announced the addition of powerful developer tools and expanded professional service capabilities to help developers better leverage the growing open source communities

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3 Minutes to 3 Terabytes

It truly is a beautiful thing when something just works. This is especially true with computers. High capacity storage has become almost a commodity with the price of an external 1 TB USB hovering around $100. All you have to

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