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Ars walkthrough: Using the ZFS next-gen filesystem on Linux

“we’re going to specifically look at what ZFS brings to the table, walking through getting it installed and using it on one of the more popular Linux distributions: Precise Pangolin. “ If btrfs interested you, start your next-gen trip with

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Linux File Systems (BTRFS, Reiser, JFS) introduction

Jarret W. Buse has written a few posts explaining and summarising the differences of some older and newer file systems available for Linux: BTRFS, Reiser and JFS. BTRFS The B-Tree File System was created by Oracle in 2007. The file

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ZFSOnLinux 0.6.2 – Faster and supporting newer Kernels

A new release of ZFSOnLinux is now available. ZFSOnLinux is the native ZFS file-system implementation for the Linux kernel that’s maintained as an out-of-tree kernel module. Faster performance for the new ZFSOnLinux release comes for read performance on mirrors through using the least

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Btrfs vs. EXT4 vs. XFS vs. F2FS benchmark performance

Phoronix has put together a comparison test of four of the currently leading Linux file-systems: Btrfs, EXT4, XFS, and F2FS (Flash Friendly File System) and concludes the post with: “Overall, while Btrfs is much of the focus for Linux file-system discussions

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ZFS on Linux is “ready for wide scale deployment”

Developer Brian Behlendorf has announced the release of version 0.6.1 of the native ZFS on Linux port. After over two years in experimental status, the developers now say the file system “is ready for wide scale deployment on everything from

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