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7 FreeNAS Alternatives

FreeNAS is a great NAS (Network Attached Server) operating system, but it’s not the only one.

“There are multiple reasons behind looking for FreeNAS alternatives. Despite the software being a popular choice and also intuitive to use for sharing content across multiple platform like Linux, Apple and Windows, there are always a few drawbacks that could make it a tedious solution. Also, with the launch of the latest iteration, version 8, a lot seems to have been changed. The developers have rewritten it from the ground up and in the bargain, even increased the hardware requirements. So if you’re looking for a substitute OS to get your Network-attached storage up and running, we’ve lineup up several viable choices below.”

Techshout lists OpenMediaVault, Openfiler, Amahi, Windows Home Server 2011, FlexRaid, unRaid and NAS4Free.

They all have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which one fulfils your needs.


Microsoft confirms Windows Home Server is dead – PC Pro

Microsoft has killed off Windows Home Server and Small Business Server.

Microsoft had been expected to shelve Windows Home Server since the end of 2010, when it removed a key feature called Drive Extender, a drive pooling system. The Windows Home Server package led a troubled life from the outset, arriving with a data corruption bug that Microsoft took months to fix, and a lack of support from hardware vendors.

In its FAQ on the changes, Microsoft confirmed the demise of Home Server, suggesting fans move to a new SKU called Essentials.

“Windows Home Server has seen its greatest success in small office/home office (SOHO) environments and among the technology enthusiast community,” Microsoft said.

Read the full article at PC-Pro: Windows Home Server is dead.

In my opinion we do not need MS Homeserver as there are many free and very capable NAS operating systems available.

Setting up and confirguring an unRAID server

unRAID lime-technology storageJim Metcalf has put together a 3-part series of articles reviewing unRAID.

He goes through unRAID‘s installation and configuring. He also explains the tradeoffs and install details of unRAID storage alternative to Windows Home Server (WHS).

About unRAID: unRAID Server is a Network Attached Storage server operating system designed to boot from a USB Flash device and specifically designed for digital media storage. It employs a unique RAID technology, close to RAID4, but without striping, which provides for great configuration flexibility.
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Microsoft discontinues Drive Extender

Microsoft has confirmed that the next release of Windows Home Server, Vail (due in the first half of 2011), will not feature Drive Extender, indicating one will need to buy bigger drives and manually handle data replication instead of adding disks ‘on the fly’.

The Amahi Project invites disappointed WHS users to try Amahi that has a feature similar to Drive Extender called GreyHole: WHS Vail Fail, Drive Extender, Greyhole and You

Amahi is a free Linux Home Server that provides shared storage, automated backups, secure VPN, and shared applications like calendar and wiki.