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7 FreeNAS Alternatives

FreeNAS is a great NAS (Network Attached Server) operating system, but it’s not the only one. “There are multiple reasons behind looking for FreeNAS alternatives. Despite the software being a popular choice and also intuitive to use for sharing content

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Build a file server with the Raspberry PiLog in with SSH

This tutorial on shows how to use Arch Linux as the operating system on a Raspberry Pi file server, because it is small,and has only the minimum packages required for a working system. This means that the file server can

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NexentaStor Community Edition released

The most recent release of NexentaStor Community Release is version In this version you will find: Support for user and group quotas The ability to automatically expand pools Copy on write Checksummed datablocks and metadata for reliability. Commercial support

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FreeNAS 8 Plugins

FreeNAS 8.2 and newer versions have support for plugins, i.e. extentions in the form of PC-BSD‘s PBIs (Push Button Install). There’s some good plugin documentation available on the FreeNAS website explaining how to use the plugins, how to install the plugins jail,

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FreeNAS Plugins Part 2: Plugins Configuration (video)

The FreeNAS Team has uploaded another video showing how to configure the Transmission, Firefly, and MiniDLNA plugins on FreeNAS 8.3.0 and how make them together as a streaming media platform. Video 1 can be watched here

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