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How to set up an iSCSI Target in OpenFiler

Mr SecaGuy has put together a very useful step-by-step tutorial showing how you can set up a iSCSI target in OpenFiler: Create iSCSI target in OpenFiler. “If you have a┬áSAN┬ástorage, or a dedicated server to serve as file and storage

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Openfiler 2.3 Active/Passive Cluster with offsite replication node has put together an step-by-step tutorial showing how to set up OpenFiler cluster with offsite replication mode: “Openfiler is a Linux based NAS/SAN application which can deliver storage over nfs/smb/iscsi and ftp. It has a web interface over that

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Creating a NAS Box Using OpenFiler

“In a recent article we saw how easy it is to take an existing server and enable NFS, effectively turning it into a NAS box (See Creating a NAS Box with an Existing System). The steps are fairly simple and

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Use OpenFiler as Free VMware ESX SAN Server

“Many of the VMware ESX Server advanced features cannot be used without a SAN (storage area network). Besides the high cost of the ESX Server software and the Virtual Infrastructure Suite, a SAN can be a huge barrier to using

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The greatest open source software of all time: OpenFiler

There are many open source software gems. InfoWorld has awarded the 2009 Bossies (Best of Open Source Software Awards). The award is presented to the forty best free business applications. OpenFiler caught the InfoWorld reviewers’ special attention. The flexible NAS

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