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FreeNAS 9.3 Released

The FreeNAS developers at iXsystems released FreeNAS 9.3 last week. According to the release announcement, this FreeNAS update is a significant evolutionary step from previous FreeNAS releases, featuring a simplified and reorganized Web User Interface, support for Microsoft ODX and Windows

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The FreeNAS project has released another point update to FreeNAS 9.2.1, i.e. FreeNAS This one fixes a number of issues in as well as addressing the “shellshock“‘ security vulnerability in bash (to which FreeNAS is not generally vulnerable

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FreeNAS ZFS volumes and snapshots tutorial (video)

The FreeNAS guys at iXsystems have put together a video tutorial showing you how to set up ZFS volumes in FreeNAS and how to take snapshots. It also goes into the difference RAIDZ options you have when setting up your

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FreeNAS Plex Media Server (video)

Learn how to configure a fresh FreeNAS install for use with the Plex Media Server plugin, so you can stream media to all your devices from a central location.

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FreeNAS, Openfiler, Microsoft iSCSI performance shootout

agrikk has taken a look at the performance capabilities of three free iSCSI Target software platforms: FreeNAS, Openfiler, and Microsoft iSCSI Target. “The purpose of his test was to find the best performing iSCSI target with all other things being equal. Under this criteria

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